Adorable Toddler Proudly Belts ‘Star Spangled Banner’ In Made Up Language


‘The Star Spangled Banner’ is our nation’s great national anthem. It was penned by poet Francis Scott Key after he was present at the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore of the War of 1812. After the Americans declared victory and waved the American flag, Key was inspired to write a poem dedicated to the flag.

It is a time honored tradition in the United States to sing the song at sports games among other public gatherings. The song is known to be a very difficult one to sing, even for professionals, as it has the wide range of a 12th. Another reason it is difficult to sing is due to the fact that its lyrics are not easy to memorize. Both professional and amateurs often forget the lyrics, which results in many performances having to include a pre-recorded version and lip synching.


One little girl has bypassed this difficulty in the most adorable way. Instead of trying to learn and memorize the true lyrics of the national anthem, the confident Maddy Dellaca, who is two years old, has made up her own lyrics to the famous tune. She can be seen belting out her version of ‘The Star Spangled Banner,’ which includes made up words in her own kid language. As she confidently sings, she nearly topples over several times, and even adorably exclaims, “woopsie daisy!” as she catches herself before the fall.

Her mother shares that she began singing the song after she heard her father practicing the song for an audition for a local baseball team in their home state of Iowa. Her mom decided to catch the cute moment of song on video, and the tiny patriot has since gone completely viral. We’re fairly certain that she has enough confidence to take over America’s Got Talent in 15 years or so! Watch her adorable rendition below: