Where Has Ty Pennington Disappeared To?


Where Has Ty Pennington Disappeared To?



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As the high-octane host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington was able to transform countless lives. The needy families who were chosen were those with the most generous of hearts themselves, and just needed a break. Ty was able to not only cheer up those who were down on their luck, but also able to over-deliver on his promise to renovate their modest houses. Shacks were transformed into veritable mansions, and many tears were shed when Pennington called out, “move that bus!” However, in 2012, the show was sadly canceled by ABC. Since then, many people have been wondering where Ty Pennington has disappeared to, and if he is doing okay.

To truly and deeply understand what Ty has chosen to do with his time today, you need to look back at his childhood. Surprisingly, Ty was a bit of a problem child, and his mother and others could not figure out the psychological roots of his bad behavior until he was in college. However, one thing that he was always good at was working with his hands. One project that he and his friends carried out when he was just 13 years old is still amazing.

The transition to the screen came when a man gave him an exciting deal- one that Pennington could simply not refuse. Ty took that opportunity, which led him on a trek around the globe from Japan to Italy to Germany. This journey is one that eventually led him to get on TV, where his energetic, spunky personality got him his own television show. Ty’s whereabouts today are not known to those who don’t know where to look. We also hear surprising opinions from him and his love interest as to their glaring unmarried relationship status. Overall, this article will leave you inspired, and will answer your questions about what Ty Pennington did in the past, and what he’s doing today.