These Awkward Vacation Photos Did Not Go As Planned


These Awkward Vacation Photos Did Not Go As Planned



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No matter the time of year, family vacations will always stir up all kinds of emotions. For some, it is a chance to get away from everyday life and sit back on a beach with nothing but a cold beverage and a great tan. For others, it could be the cultural experience of a lifetime filled with food, art, and museums. Regardless of what type of adventure you choose, you are bound to do something exciting.

One of the greatest things about family vacations is having everyone together for an extended period of time. With no work or school to deal with, everyone can find some time to enjoy each other’s company. Perhaps the kids will play in the pool and give mom and dad a chance to rest up in a lounge chair. Everyone can fit together in the log flume Splash Mountain at Disney World, why not go on the ride together?

Of course, some families take vacations as an opportunity to bicker. Too much time together might set each person off into a spiral of spite and anger. We all know that one family that has never enjoyed a vacation.

The most important piece of vacation is coming up with a journey that pulls on the right strings for each family member. It is a delicate balance, but it is the key to a happy trip anywhere. No one wants to be left out while everyone else indulges in their favorite activities. Once the location is chosen, the only thing left to do is go and have a great time.

Now that everyone can enjoy, you can take out that beautiful DSLR camera – which has been sitting in your closet for a year – and snap those beautiful new memories. Just be careful – some photos do not come out as planned. The following are the vacation pictures that no one wants to remember.