You Are Where You Shop: Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild


You Are Where You Shop: Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild



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The mega retail chain has just about anything one could need, including food, jewelry, clothing, electrical appliances and other household items. Offering such a wide selection of items, it is no surprise that Walmart has become the sort of place that attracts all sorts of people.

As reported on January 31, 2017, Walmart has a total of 11,695 stores and clubs in 28 countries. Walmart is the world’s biggest company by income, making approximately $480 billion, according to 2016’s Fortune Global 500 list. In addition, the company is the largest private employer in the world, with more than 2.3 million employees under contract. The American retail corporation operates worldwide as a string of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores.

Over the years, spotting bizarre sightings in Walmart has become a recurring theme. The sheer nature of the store makes it a haven for quirky outfits and even more eccentric characters, all you have to do is pay a quick visit to your local Walmart store and immediately, all sadness will be out the window as if it never existed. Websites have even been formed, featuring daily pictures of those local nuts people found cruising through the aisles, and no matter how many times you scroll through the images – they never cease to amaze you.

Whether they are riding vehicles indoors, bringing in exotic and endangered animals, or simply wearing garments that many of us would not even contemplate wearing on Halloween, these are the people of Walmart in all their glory. Some of these sightings may shock you and make you wonder if they have been staged, but we guarantee they are all snaps that have been taken by people just like you, who were startled by these sights exactly as you are about to be. Here they are, the customers that make Walmart into what it is, in their best (and worst) moments.