4 Ways to Stop Siblings From Fighting


Arguments between siblings is practically prerequisite for childhood. Me and my brother would have arguments over the stupidest things. We’d play Super Nintendo and if one of us won too much a fight would break out. We’d fight about food to get for dinner, movies to watch and so many other things. This was probably hell on my parents who could only hope for a moment of relaxation after a long day of work. Luckily for everyone, you don’t have to sit and suffer. Simply you can stop the fighting. Here is how.

Educate Them on Compromising

Kid have few issues when it comes to announcing their needs and wants. Teach your children how to talk to each other about such things. That way the screaming will cease and they can figure out ways to both get what they are after. Teaching them to talk things through will assure them a better relationship and you less headaches.

Turn Taking

Instead of fighting over who gets to do something, teach your children how to take turns. One could go first and then the other could go second. If they can’t decided who gets the first turn they can decide this by flipping a coin or playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. These first two method will not only help them while they are children, but also when they turn into a adults.


If the above doesn’t work and your children are still fighting, give them some space. Have your husband take one out while you take out the other. You can do something fun just the two of you and get his mind away from the arguments. By the time you reunite, they’ll probably forget that they were fighting at all.

Life Just Isn’t Fair

Usually kids are fight because they feel something isn’t fair and that they are getting no justice within a situation. They will someday learn that life isn’t fair, but you can teach them this before they have to learn the hard way. Teach them that sometimes we just don’t get what we want and that we just have to keep our head up and deal with it.