5 Foods To Help You Fight The Flu

The summer is over and the change of season is upon us. This change is never an easy transition for our bodies and our immune system to always handle so it is time to take extra precaution. While we take in the cold weather change, we must also take action in avoiding catching a cold or flu. These 5 foods may just be the answer you need into taking those steps to avoid any illness this coming fall and winter.

1. Colorful fruits and vegetables

We all know that getting in our 5-a-day is good for our health on an everyday basis, but this could also help our immune system fight off the flu. Fruit and vegetables contain the nutrients we need to fight off getting a cold such as vitamin C, zinc and selenium, so consumption of these more regularly will boost your circulating levels to get these much needed nutrients.



2. Garlic

There’s nothing quite like a hot broth or soup to warm us up during the winter time, and some added ingredients could just help build up our immunity to ailments most common in the upcoming period. These ingredients include garlic, which belongs in the allium family, alongside onions and leeks, all of which are important for avoiding the flu.

3. Chicken soup

Taking the ingredients mentioned above, would be great for a chicken soup, which has been known to help work for colds. From a study in the journal, CHEST, chicken soup was concluded as being a bona fide remedy for the common cold since it provides liquids that are essential when a cold of flu hits. The added ingredients such an onions and carrots are also great for boosting antioxidants.


4. Whole grains

Whole grains such as buckwheat, brown rice and oats can help healthy gut bacteria flourish. The work of these healthy grains, will help boost your immune system which will be stronger in helping fight any of those unwanted cold or flu symptoms.

5. Fish oil (omega-3)

The omega-3 found in fatty fish is found to increase white blood cell activity, which is an important factor in helping fight off those unwanted symptoms. Taking a healthy dose of fish oil every day will also give you that boost in fighting the flu and cold, and adding in more salmon, trout and sardines, as well as hemp seeds and walnuts in your diet, will also help.