5 Helpful Tips Every Busy Mom Needs for Work-Life Balance


Being a working mom is tough, the challenges of parenting and the demands of your profession can be very overwhelming.  We scored five essential tips for busy mothers so that they can achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Never blame yourself and let go of the guilt.
As a career mom myself, I often blame myself for not being able to witness some of my son’s milestones like writing his complete name for the first time.  But I learned to let go of the guilt every time I realize how blessed our family is with the benefits that I get from my career. I am able to add more to our savings especially for their education and health insurance.  My fellow working moms at the office always remind me that we are doing a great job in raising our children and working hard for them. And yes, I agree.

Look for reliable childcare.
When you and your husband are both working, you will have to find a nanny or a daycare center to look after your child when you’re in the office.  Before hiring one, ask for referrals from friends and family. Visit your potential daycares and check their facilities and how they interact with the kids under their care.  For nannies, it is encouraged to employ one that has a reliable history of long-term commitments when caring for children. That way, you are assured that your kids are in good hands even when you’re away.

Organize. Organize. Organize.
It’s better to start your day with everything ready and organized especially for your kids.  The night before, get their clothes ready and the kids’ lunches. This way you’ll not end up cramming to beat the heavy traffic on your way to your kids’ school and your work.  Divide the set of chores between you and your partner like you are in charge of the grocery and laundry while your husband is responsible for dropping and fetching the kids to and from school.

Create Special Family Activities.
Despite your tight schedule in the office, it is crucial that you find time with your family, especially for your kids. Join them for breakfast and dinner during weekdays and catch up on their school activities and anything that they had for the week.  On weekends, go out for a short road trip or have a picnic in a local park. Nothing beats the attention and quality time that you dedicate to your family.

Pamper yourself.
Do not forget to treat yourself amid the busy routine that you juggle between work and taking care of the family.  Go out and pamper yourself in a spa or get that much-needed haircut that you’ve been telling yourself for months. You are one amazing woman, and you deserve some me time.

mom holding baby while working at a computer