93-Year-Old Bride Takes To Internet For Wedding Dress Choice


No matter the age, one’s wedding is always a special day. The many components of a wedding can be daunting to plan, especially choosing a bridal dress. An Australian retiree hoped the internet could help her with the decision.

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At 93, Sylvia Martin became an internet star with the help of Cooma, Australia-based retailer Birdsnest. While shopping for her wedding dress at Birdsnest, she narrowed the choice to four options but could not decide. Birdsnest posted a picture on their Facebook page of the four dresses and asked people to vote on which dress she should wear. Hundreds of people shared the post, and over 5,400 people voted worldwide.

Sylvia and her soon to be husband Frank Raymond have dated for decades, but Sylvia always turned down his marriage proposals. In 2016, Sylvia became sick and moved to Canberra to be with her family while Frank stayed in Tasmania. Frank said that he “gave up hope” that he could make her his wife.

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His luck turned when Sylvia called and asked him to move to Canberra. He quickly packed his bags and went to her with one goal in mind – propose one more time. Sylvia turned him down for years out of respect for her deceased husband. When she learned that she could keep her last name, Sylvia finally caved and said yes.

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Birdsnest had a blast with Sylvia and her bridesmaids. They fell in love with her story and gave her the dress free of charge. They have seen a huge spike in online engagement beyond Sylvia’s post. Birdsnest’s marketing manager Penny Carroll said, “We just hope Sylvia and Frank have a wonderful day.”

Birdsnest said that Sylvia would wear option C, a Sacha Drake Cipolla dress, when she finally ties the knot with Frank. Sylvia also took home option D for casual occasions due to the enormous online response to it.

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