Hikers Find Abandoned Dog In The Woods, Only To Discover…


Hikers Find Abandoned Dog In The Woods, Only To Discover...



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With many people seeing their dog as their best friend, it’s hard to think there are others in the world who have the heart to leave the friendly pet out alone in the cold. This is the case for many dogs in Dowdy’s Ferry, an area near Dallas, Texas, as many stray dogs are found abandoned there with no water, food or shelter. Left to fend for themselves, many do not make it, but luckily some are rescued by passersby.

With organizations set in place to combat the problem in the woods of Dowdy’s Ferry, many animals are given a second chance of survival. They are rescued by these teams who look to protect animals from the poor conditions they live in. This means, taking them out of the woods, sending them for medical help and going on to find them a loving home.

It is not always easy for the animals to respond well to the rescue team, as the trauma they may have faced in the past could leave them fearing any human contact. However, with their weak state and serious injuries, they sometimes have no choice but to allow the rescue team to take them out of the woods.

In the case of this story, a local woman set up a non-profit organization to help the animals from this area. One day, she found a small abandoned pup. When hoping to rescue the puppy, she noticed he was not in the healthiest condition. She found him in a box all alone and she grew concerned. But when doing her best to save him, she soon discovered he was not completely alone, and the story of the lonely dog in a box took a turn. Now it was up to Leslie and her volunteers in her organization to do something about their surprise in the woods.