Benefits of Being a Single Mother


Becoming a single mom can be scary as you have to make decisions about your children lives all by yourself.  Reality bites but did you know that single parents reap great advantages?

“I make the rules.”
The good thing about raising your kids alone is you get to decide with your own parenting style.  Negotiating with a partner on how to discipline your kid’s misconduct is no longer a headache. Mommy gets to implement the rules, and kids just have to abide by them.

“I got my friends back.”
Admit it.  During a marriage, it’s hard to squeeze time to have a coffee date or a spa with your girlfriends.  It’s because you are overwhelmed with your mommy and wifey duties all the time. As a single mom, you get to spend more quality time with your pals and your friendships get better and better.

“I take care of myself.”
Studies reveal that married women tend to gain more weight and are not able to take care of themselves than single women.  Sad but true. Single mothers get to focus on themselves and are able to live a more healthy lifestyle. More so, pampering themselves on a salon and a gym doesn’t make them guilty as they don’t owe any spouse an explanation as to why they have to do these things.

“I am more motivated and more successful.”
No matter the pain and frustration brought by the divorce or death of your partner, you have to keep going and let optimism flow.  You have to make wiser decisions for yourself and your children as they solely depend on you. The fact that you’re a single mom will bring you to greater heights and will lead you to success more than you can imagine.

mother laughing with toddler