More Couples Having Babies Before They Get Married


Nowadays, more and more couples are having babies when they feel like the time is right, whether that be before or after they tie the knot. And some couples also have kids without ever getting married at all.

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As well as this, the number of marriages has been decreasing for many years now. Today, the average age that women are marrying has risen from 20 in the 60s to 27 today. Here is a couple who gave the lowdown on why they chose to recite their nuptials after having children – Alix and Matt.

How They Met

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Alix and Matt met on an online dating site. It didn’t take long before they started to like each other. According to Alix, the two started “dating, then moving in together, then baby, then buying a new home, then wedding.”

Getting Pregnant

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Alix got pregnant when she was 37 years of age. “We weren’t opposed to having children, but we were both older and were still undecided. Well, it was decided for us about three to four months after he moved in with me,” she said. So Alix took a pregnancy test to see what the answer was. “I was a little worried about his reaction since we JUST moved in together.” But Matt was extremely happy when she showed him the results of the pregnancy test.

Getting Married

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“After we found out that we were having a baby, we both agreed that we were happy with the way things are and didn’t want to change a thing,” Alix said. “We loved being with each other and welcomed the life and family we are creating together, why mess with it? When our daughter was about eight months old, Matt surprised me with a marriage proposal.”

“When he gave me the ring and said that he felt like it’s the right time because he felt like we are so in love with our life and each other and he wanted to be able to call himself my husband. I couldn’t agree with him more. Getting married was not important to us, but it just felt right and we wanted to celebrate our love and our little family with a wedding. It was really awesome to have our daughter as our flower girl.”