Dad Builds Luxurious, Two-Story Playhouse For Daughters


Many kids dream of putting up a treehouse on the big oak tree in their yard. Some parents are handy, and can make that happen. However, many kids have to settle for a tire swing, and for those with really un-handy parents, go inside to play. Adam Boyd is a super-skilled father who built his daughters a huge, two-story, opulent playhouse.

The playhouse is a kids’ dream. Even just the outside would be enough for many kids, with a complete rock climbing wall and swingset; soon, Adam plans to put in a zip line. The interior has eight-foot-high ceilings, and many tables which can be used for tea parties.

The walls are painted in two shades of purple- the deeper purple is on the bottom of the wall, with the airier purple taking the majority of the wall space on top. Adam chose the two hues to satisfy his five-year-old’s love of dark purple, and his two-year-old’s love of lighter purple.

avery boyd helping

The five-year-old, Avery, even helped her daddy out with the construction. Adam reported with pride in his eyes that Avery, “was sanding the crown molding with me. She loved it.”

Boyd posted pictures that his sister took of the 24-foot-high veritable palace on Facebook, where he got at least 16,000 likes, 11,000 comments, and 46,000 shares. In the post, he presented his DIY masterpiece saying, “here is the playhouse I built for my daughters… I would love to do it again for another family to enjoy!” The response was so overwhelming, Adam founded a company called Spoiled Rotten Homes, which will produce more grandiose playhouses for kids.


People thought Adam was crazy for his investment of time and money, but he is “happy to watch [his daughters] play in it, and [to] play in it with them. It’s worth every penny.”