Easy Tips to Organize Your Kids’ Playroom


Children’s playrooms are inevitable homes of messy toy collections, furniture, and books. Thank to these easy tips, and with your child’s help, you can turn your kids’ playroom into an organized space ideal for entertainment and fun.

Keep it simple
It pays off to have a simple, clean and organized toy room.  When everything is spotless and in order, a particular space becomes relaxing and easy to maintain.  When your kid’s playroom stresses you out, your children will feel the same way.  No one wants to play in a crowded and messy playroom. Make it a regular habit to de-clutter a toy room and rid it of unwanted dirt and broken toys.

Minimize the number of toys
Minimizing the number of toys in a playroom helps reduce clutter.  You may not realize it at first but every time your child receives a new set of toys, he or she tends to ignore his or her old toys.  It is best to let your child choose 20 of his or her  favorite toys and donate the rest. Doing so teaches your precious one the value of generosity and sharing.

Net the stuffed toys
Be a smart toy organizer and place all stuffed toys inside a net and hang them up.  The net serves as the stuffed toys’ comfortable home – which is a better option than piling them all in a storage bin.  Also, the kids can easily spot them as soon as they enter the playroom.

Invest in clear bins
Stocking up on see-through boxes is more practical than purchasing the usual toy boxes.  Clear bins let you sort toys easily. It also lets your kids find the toys they want to play with such as Legos and plastic farm animals.

Clean with the kids
Cleaning is more fun when kids are around to help you.  This idea will not only help you de-clutter faster and bond with your children, it will also instill in them the value of cleanliness. They also learn to be responsible for their toys and playthings.  Teach them how to sort their toys properly and make sure to separate the unused ones with the broken ones.

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