What This Girl Saw On Youtube Sparked An International Scavenger Hunt


What This Girl Saw On Youtube Sparked An International Scavenger Hunt



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Browsing the internet for fun, interesting videos is something we all do, but what this girl found on a routine day was totally unexpected, and led her on an international scavenger hunt. Anaïs Bordier, who grew up in France and is an aspiring fashion designer, was browsing YouTube when she decided to watch a funny video.

Suddenly, she saw a girl on her screen that completely threw her off guard. The girl seemed eerily familiar, and immediately Anais began to look for more information on this mysterious girl. However, as the girl was merely featured in the video, Anaïs could not find any details about her, so she decided to just move on with her life. Some time passed and Anaïs had nearly forgotten about the whole ordeal. That would change very quickly.
One day Anaïs was watching the trailer for the film 21 And Over when all of a sudden, she caught a glimpse of the very same girl from the YouTube video! Anaïs could not believe it. This time, she knew that she would be able to find more information about the actress that piqued her interest so much. Anaïs did some research and quickly found out the actress’ name and that she was raised in New Jersey.

The more Anaïs learned about her, the more she grew certain that she had to reach out to her. After a quick search on Facebook, Anaïs found her profile page. Anaïs mustered up the courage and finally crafted a Facebook message to her, hoping that the message would not come off too strong and scare the actress off.
This incredible story is unlike anything you’ve seen before; it could not have happened even a mere 10 years ago. Find out just how incredible technology can be and what the amazing bond between these two girls is.