How to Be a Happy Stay at Home Mom


Being a full-time mom to my four kids allowed me to be fearless, adventurous and confident.  While the struggle to get used to the grueling routine of household chores and taking care of the kids can be demanding and exhausting, I realized I could do better and be happier.  Here are survival tips for fellow stay at home moms out there:

Get ready for the day
Being a stay at home mom is a tough job so might as well get ready and glam up for exciting activities that await you.  Take a good shower. Put on your makeup and wear that lovely floral dress that’s stored in your cabinet for several months.  You deserve to look amazing as you already are as a wonderful momma.

Exercise regularly
If you think having a regular exercise is not possible with a bunch of clingy children beside you, think twice.  Why not engage them for a brisk walk in the park and bring your dogs with you? How about dancing to your favorite Britney Spears’ tunes while cooking spaghetti for your little ones?  Exercise is flattering to one’s mind and body as it drives out tension and unwanted thoughts. It makes you feel stronger after you sweat out a 30-minute jog.

Have a solid support system
It is normal for stay at home moms to be overwhelmed and exhausted with their challenging routine, plus the fact that they’re inside the house most of the time.  If you’re one of them, don’t be shy to ask help from your friends, family, neighbors or even hire a part-time babysitter/nanny to help you with the chores and the kids.  It doesn’t hurt to have someone to support you. Imagine that feeling of “freedom” stepping out of your house and having dinner with your friends for four long hours while your mother-in-law looks after your two little boys.  You have to admit it that you need a support group who will be there for you especially on tough times.

Enjoy your quality time with your kids
Your role as a stay at home mom may be boring at times since you are running the same cycle on a daily basis.  Instead of getting sad, give in to the craziness inside your house and let the kid in you play with your children.  Enjoy the activities with your kids and savor every moment spent with them. Sooner or later, they’ll be grown-ups, and you have to go back to work again.

mother sitting on the floor playing with her 2 young daughters