How to Conquer the Stress of Being a Single Mom


Raising your children alone can be terrifying, challenging and demanding. Beat the stress of this special role and be a success story for your kids who are proud and happy you got their backs.

Single moms need a village.
Admit it. It’s very hard to survive the challenges of parenthood alone. Such drawback is not a weakness but a sign that you need help. You need a friend whom you can confide your emotions especially those big cries that you’ve been suppressing while your struggling with finances, your mom to help you babysit your newborn when you don’t have the energy due to lack of sleep or even a single-mom support group to learn from each other’s experiences.

Spend quality time with your children.
Do not be overwhelmed in juggling your household chores, office work and looking after your kids. At the end of the day, they need your loving presence and not just a parent who feeds them and sends them to school. Structure your daily activities and spare a chunk of your time by reading them books, playing board games or baking their favorite cookies.

Take care of yourself.
Set a time for yourself. Just for you- whether with a mani/pedi session in a salon or a coffee break, you need to have that breather amid the chaos of work and parenting demands. After all, your children solely depend on your strength, so you need to better your best, always. If you take care of your emotions and your body you will have the ability to give back to them.

Get crazy on positivity.
The painful separation from your husband (death or divorce) is a difficult situation that you have to manage. Amid the fears, doubts, and pains, you have to rise and fight your battles with love, hope, and optimism. After all, you and your kids deserve to be happy.

little girl kissing mom in her cheek