Married Couple Of 76 Years Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet


Married Couple Of 76 Years Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet



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Love can manifest itself in so many forms. It can be the first glance that two people take on one another. It can be the kind deeds we do for others around us. It can also be written in the memories of a marriage that has spanned nearly eight decades. The latter certainly applies to Pat and Carmela Testa, who have been together for the good part of a century. But their story has recently taken an unexpected turn that has completely changed things for the happily married elderly couple.

But let’s take a step back and start at the very beginning. Pat Testa met Carmela, who he refers to nowadays as Millie, in 1937. Pat was an usher at The Embassy, a theater in Newark, New Jersey. This was the venue that Millie loved to go to on Thursday evenings with her friends and family. It was a stone’s throw away from her home so it was a convenient option. Then, on one fateful evening, the pair locked eyes during one of Pat’s shifts and the rest was history. They quickly fell in love and only two years later, tied the knot.

The following years brought so much joy, as the couple had two daughters and spent, for the most part, happy times together. And even today, the couple are still married. However, they now live separately. Today, Pat sits in his room staring at photos taken nearly 80 years ago. But virtually every day, he goes to visit Millie and still spends plenty of time with her. So what happened that tore these two lovebirds apart at such an old age. Follow us as we run through the life and times of Pat and Millie Testa, and why the couple have such a new living arrangement in the twilight of their lives.