Mom Cooks Up Stunning Works Of Art For Her Daughter


In order to help her daughter with her worrying eating habits, a mother has created little art masterpieces that are beautiful, tasty and nutritious.

Mom Food Art 1

Kim Anh Chang, a mother from California thought of the idea of making fun art meals for her 2-year-old daughter, Sam. She wasn’t happy with Sam’s lack of appetite, so she thought outside the box and decided to go creative in order to help her little girl.

“I figured if I plate her dishes into something cute she will show more interest in eating it,” Chang said. “My goal is to create artful dishes to help my finicky eater share the same meals as the rest of the family. I want her to grow up getting use to eating what everyone else is eating and not have to make a separate meal just for her.”

Mom Food Art 2

Kim caters her beautiful art dishes to Sam’s vast array of interests, which include teddy bears and Disney characters. Her daughter also helps to brainstorm ideas for her meals.

This means that dishes such as a chicken and noodles rendition of Lambie from “Dock McStuffins,” as well as Rapunzel made from noodles, ham and cheese are staples of Sam’s colorful diet.

“The Lambie one was actually her idea,” she said. “I was Googling cute characters to see what I should make next. Sam was sitting next to me and showing a lot of interest. She then grabbed the Lambie toy from her playpen and gave it to me. I immediately knew what to do and prepared dinner shortly after.”

Mom Food Art 4

Ultimately, Sam’s eating habits have improved considerably and the art activity has brought the two even closer than before. And just like her mother would help her family in the kitchen when she was a child, Sam is always keen to give Kim a hand when dinnertime is around the corner.

Chang commented on her daughter’s new found passion for food. She said, “having her help me cook and showing her to do these things herself gives her a sense of accomplishment and I noticed she’s wanting to eat more and more and looks forward to the time we can spend in the kitchen together.”