Mom Lets Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Dress Her For 5 Days


When one mom let her daughter in kindergarten dress her, the mom’s wardrobe got pretty interesting. Five-year-old kids tend to love bright colors, and anything that sparkles and shines. Lisa Fogarty, the brave mother to Kiera, let her daughter take control of her wardrobe for one week. Fogarty chronicled the experiment in Redbook.

The mother of two started to notice that every day when she got dressed her daughter would be “completely underwhelmed” by her clothing choices. When Fogarty decided to give her daughter control of her closet for a week, Kiera responded, “Yay! But only five days? Mommy, I want to dress you for a month!”

Day 1

On the first day, Kiera chose an outfit that was all about color, florals, and tons of accessories. Kiera excitedly announced, “It’s so colorful — so happy, and so, so spring! You have to wear your locket open today so everyone can see our pictures. Oh, and these mermaid bracelets are the perfect finishing touch!” Lisa works from home and has a toddler running around the house, so the outfit her daughter chose was not the most practical. On the flip side, because Lisa was wearing heels for the day, she had to literally slow down during stressful moments.


Day 2

On day two, Kierra picked out “skinny gray jeans, a shapeless colorful sundress I had meant to donate years ago, a statement necklace and statement earrings, a lavender flower barrette for my hair, and another pair of four-inch Oxford brown heels.”  Kierra enthusiastically presented the outfit and said, “It looks spring-y and artsy. The brown shoes look like dirt and then you look like a flower on top.” Luckily, Lisa did not have plans with other adults that day. When she dropped her son off at nursery school, she almost took the hair clip out but then felt guilt and reluctantly kept it in.


Day 3

Lisa was a bit nervous about Kiera’s choices for day three because she has to interview a doctor for a story she was writing. When the kindergartner explained her logic she said, “this shirt is part of spring because it’s leaves and the pants have rainbows and are so pretty and, oh, my goodness, your shoes remind me of animals — you should wear them every day.” Fogarty admitted that she “felt fun.”


Day 4

On day four, things became a bit problematic for Lisa. The 5-year-old decided to combine her father’s plaid shirt, floral leggings, and a vintage sweater. She accompanied the outfit with navy heels. Kiera thought it “looked cute” and it reminded her of England because the sweater had a little crown printed in it. The kindergartner included the floral yoga pants because “you need flowers in the spring.”


Day 5

On day five, Kiera turned Lisa into a hippie with heels. The mom of two said she could have done without five days of heels, but now knows her daughter likes “high pajama glam.” Day five’s outfit was Lisa’s favorite because it was comfortable. Luckily for Lisa, Kiera was busy finishing a drawing and forgot to add on mountains of accessories.