Mother And Daughter Become Instagram Stars With Fruits And Vegetables

For children, eating fruits and vegetables is the worst thing in the world. Why eat broccoli when you can have candy instead? Sometimes the only alternative is to play with your food. One mother is taking “playing with your food” to the next level and letting her daughter in on the Instagram fun.

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Alya Chagler is an oil painter by trait but has recently begun dabbling in a new for of photographic art. To help her create these fascinating images, Alya enlisted the help of her 3-year-old daughter Stefani. They live in Antalya, Turkey and have become Instagram stars due to Alya’s adorable idea. While Stefani was walking in the distance, Alya held up a piece of watermelon and realized that it appeared to cover her body like a dress.

Alya claimed that Stefani spontaneously struck a pose and the idea was born. Her facial expression was so funny that Alya felt she needed to share it with the world on Instagram. They have received an insanely positive reaction from strangers on Instagram as their account has ballooned to 28,000 followers.

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Stefani and Alya had so much fun taking photos with fruit that they made it into a regular game. Alya claims that they spontaneously start their photo shoots whenever she has an idea for a “dress” and whenever Stefani is in the right mood to get artistic and strike a pose. Stefani’s dresses are made of a vast array of produce, as well as a variety of flowers. On a handful of occasions, Alya has gotten quite creative with her dresses, including a pinecone, a homemade cookie, and the core of a pear.

Alya told the Huffington Post, “It makes me happy to see that people from around the world enjoy our pictures.” As her Instagram followers increase, it doesn’t look like she’ll stop posting these adorable photos anytime soon.

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