Mom Shares Hack To Make Sending Thank You Notes Easier

Nowadays, it’s barely enough to throw a simple picnic or backyard bash for your kids’ birthdays.

The sheer amount of planning involved to coordinate guests, venue, food, and decor still often falls on the shoulders of the mothers, who have to fit the planning into their already busy lives.

But despite their best intentions to show their gratitude to their guests, writing thank you notes often falls by the wayside in the aftermath of the party.

But one mom has recently shared her brilliant hack to make sure thank you notes get sent no matter how busy you are.


Wendy Wisner recently shared that she was inspired by another mom, who flawlessly ensured that each guest received a thank you note, signed by her preschooler in their goody bags.

She wrote, “You know that in all likelihood, you’re going to feel grateful about the person who attended your kids’ party.

You’re going to be grateful for their gift. And even if you don’t like it, you’re going to thank them anyway!”

So rather than feeling guilty or odd about thanking your guests before your child has even unwrapped their gifts, throwing in a thank you note with a goody bag, which she deems an act of gratitude in and of itself, means you can cut down on the workload that throwing a kids party entails.


Wisner continued, “It’s just a godsend for a parent in terms of the “mental load” of life. After the party, you’ll be pooped, and totally mentally and emotionally depleted. You’ll need to finally address all the other aspects of your life that have been on hold for the month or so that you have been focused on this party.”

So forget your post party thank you note procrastination, and combine your expression of gratitude to your guests with your party prep. You’ll be even more grateful for it.