Mom Starts Taking Infant With Her To Interviews


Interviewing for new jobs is a difficult task. It requires a level of understanding between interviewee and interviewer that can be built into a prosperous working life.

For one New York mom, that deal includes more than just her skills and work history – it means bringing her child along to interviews and the job itself.


Meesha Chang is an attractive job candidate. She worked as a creative consultant at a tech giant and has years of experience.

The biggest knock on her resume is that includes her child. Chang has a five-month-old daughter named Lucia. Meesha does not plan to abandon her job as a mother at her next position; she plans to bring Lucia with her.

Over the past two months, Meesha has applied and interviewed for every relevant job she can find on LinkedIn and other various job boards. She plans to bring Lucia with her to her new office which has been a deal breaker for many companies.

Meeshe even lists Lucia’s qualifications on her resume. It reads, “quiet, observant nature and positive attitude.” She hopes that this transparency can lead to a great new home for the two of them.


Although she is two months into her search and still has not found a suitable position, she is grateful that her field allows for some flexibility in her situation. Some companies are certainly thrown by the proposition, but that does not mean there is no hope for her.

In general, some companies are beginning to allow employees to bring children to work. Companies such as T3, an advertising agency, and Vanguard Communications have changed company policies to be more flexible with regard to children in the workplace.

It might be some time before it becomes more commonly practiced, but Chang is optimistic. In one cover letter she wrote, “As a team, we can bring positive energy and change to almost any situation we encounter, and would love to bring it to you.”

Perhaps it could be a change that many companies consider in the future.