Never Say These Things to a Pregnant Woman


Highlighting a pregnant woman’s weight or asking if the baby was planned, are few of the things you should avoid saying to a pregnant woman. Why? These could hurt the sensitive feelings of any expecting momma.  I have been there and I must admit, I hate to hear these rude comments:

  1. “You look so big.”

Yes, I know that I gained weight. I know I may even be fat, but you don’t have to say it right to my face. Is it a sin to get big when I am nurturing another life inside me? Besides, I am eating healthy foods and I promise to shed off unwanted fats after I give birth.       

  1. “Haven’t you had that baby yet?”

I understand that you are as excited as I feel about my impending childbirth but asking me this question when it’s not my due date yet is annoying.  Really.

  1. “You must be having a girl because you look restless.”

I actually heard my neighbor say this to my 6-month pregnant sister.  Every woman has had moments where  putting on makeup can be a drag. Pregnant women get easily tired from having daily morning sickness. But please know, these are not the solid basis of a baby’s would-be gender. After all, last I looked, it’s currently the 21st century and not the middle ages.

  1. “Was this unplanned?”

This is mean.  Nobody has the right to question whether the pregnancy was an accident or a planned one.  It feels as if you’re denying a pregnant mother the right to enjoy the most amazing journey of her life.

  1. “Should you be eating that?”

I really appreciate people’s concern on the kinds of food  I eat. I am thankful that they care about the food which may affect my baby’s growth and development. But for others to decide whether I deserve pizza or not? As well as ice cream? Come on.  Give me a break. Pregnant moms deserve cheat days too.