New Technology Allowing Mothers To Be More Involved In C-Sections


There are many reasons why some mothers need to get a Cesarean birth, commonly known as a C-section, most of them medical.

However, one issue is that it does not feel as intimate as it would to give birth naturally. This is because the doctors, while doing the procedure, will hang a curtain in between the upper and lower halves of the expectant mother’s body.

This way, she does not have to see the sometimes gory details of the incision. However, a new trend has started that allows the mother to be more intimately involved in the whole process.

This birthing trend has started in Australia, as soon-to-be mothers wanted more of an empowering, involved role in birthing, especially in the case of an impersonal surgery.

The innovation is that people are now using a see-through drape, instead of an opaque one, which lets the mother see the exact moment her child coming into the world.

This new idea strikes the balance between medical safety and letting the mother experience the miracle.

Liz Wilkes, a representative of Midwives Australia, explained “With the higher rate of C-sections … women are looking to make a range of different choices to try and be more included.”

This probably started to happen because women who get C-sections have to wait for a while to be able to have physical contact with their baby.

This is a vast difference between C-sections and natural births, with the latter allowing for a much more immediate contact with the mother.

“When women have a say,” Liz says, “they tend to feel stronger and better about the process and if that’s the case we tend to see less problems in adjustment to mothering when the baby is born.”

This trend is definitely something to consider if one day, you or someone you know might undergo a C-section.