Pilot Left Uncontrollably Laughing After Hilarious Plane Photos


Pilot Left Uncontrollably Laughing After Hilarious Plane Photos



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A picture is worth a thousand words. It is an age old idiom used to describe the indescribable. Photos have the ability to make us cry, think, reminisce, and hundreds of other verbs. But what makes a picture funny? Surely this question can be answered in a myriad of ways, but it generally stems from animals doing goofy things, outrageous fails and flops, questionable judgment, and children being children. When traveling on an airplane, you never know what craziness you might run into.

Over the past few months, the airline industry has been under fire for an assortment of inexcusable actions. While the airlines have serious issues to deal with, we can relish in the lighter parts of flying – the photos of absurd situations that will have you on the floor.

Airplanes are the perfect place to capture a precious moment worth a laugh. With little space to move, children are always finding creative ways to sit on their parents, people are hoping to find the ‘best’ way to catch some sleep, and others are bringing pets aboard that we might not be used to seeing up close and personal. Sometimes, all it takes is to see the stark differences between flying today and flying in the past.

Flying has become such commonplace today that we cannot picture the world without it. How could we effectively use vacation days without a commercial flight to Croatia or Thailand? It would take days of water transit just to reach the destination. The speed and price relative to the past are undeniable advantages which we take for granted.

For now, planes are the easiest form of transportation. Who knows, one day we might have a teleporting option to take us from point A to point B in no time. Until then, we will have to settle for regular old air travel. Thankfully, advances in air travel have allowed flying to become a norm. No longer does it cost an arm and a leg to travel across the globe. Perhaps in twenty years, we can go from New York to Shanghai in only an hour.

Until then, we can hang our hats on the hilarity that takes place on planes. From passengers, pilots, flight attendants, and even the occasional celebrity, we never know from where our source of entertainment will come. You thought you had seen it all but trust us, you have not. Try to control yourself when looking through these incredible airline photos.