Practical Ways to Conquer Mom Burnout


Mommy burnout is real.  The reality of extreme exhaustion and impatience hit me again, and this time it’s harder than I thought.  I cried myself out and completely ignored my kids who are fighting over chocolate pancakes. How could I care less when these babies mean the world to me?  I realized I cannot and wouldn’t allow the mom blues to take over me. I had to stay positive and conquer this unwanted phase of motherhood. Guess what? I made it!  I just set myself into following these simple ways to pull myself through:

Create a logical routine.
It is important to set a practical schedule for you and your kids.  A daily routine that you and your children can easily follow will make everyone’s tasks as easy as pie.  If the time for meals, sleep and play are organized, your kids know what to expect and the consistency of the regular activities will make them comfortable.

Let children entertain themselves.
The best way to instill independence among children is to let them play and entertain themselves. You can simply observe and let them be. If their broken legos cause them to cry, it’s ok. They will learn how to fix them on their own.

Have a change of environment.
When you’re a stay at home mom, you can expect the same set of activities throughout the day, and this cycle gets boring.  To beat dull days, go out of your comfort zone and breathe in some fresh air. Take a walk in your local park or set a play date with your best friend and her kids.  A change in environment is surely appreciated by your children, too.

Get up early and get dressed.
Waking up early can lead you to many accomplishments.   From preparing breakfast to indulging yourself in a hot shower, you’ll feel good that you are able to finish things early before the kids wake up.  The better way to have a better day is to get dressed and wear makeup. You deserve that treat to yourself. We all deserve to be beautiful.

Do something you are passionate most.
Do you love writing over a cup of coffee?  Follow your heart. You don’t have to give up the other best part of yourself just because you are now a mom.  Ask your husband to take care of the kids and sneak in 2 to 3 hours at your favorite coffee shop and just enjoy your me time while writing your thoughts.

mom with kids piled on top of her