Before And After Pictures of Rescued Dogs Show Love Heals All Wounds


Before And After Pictures of Rescued Dogs Show Love Heals All Wounds



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We call them our best friends, and how can we not? They lick our tears when we cry and jump up and down if we show the slightest bit of excitement. They can sense when we are nervous and will protect us while putting their own lives at stake without even thinking twice. They are the most adorable tail-wagging creatures on Earth – the same ones who will always forgive us when we do not have as much time to play as before and love us unconditionally despite not even speaking the same language. Of course, we are talking about dogs.

Sadly, not all people understand the gift that is having a pet, so they neglect them – if not worse. Tossing your dog out to the street not only puts their lives at risk – since they are domesticated creatures that need taking care of – but they might also reproduce, which causes an uprise in the number of homeless dogs wandering the streets, not to mention this is a recipe for spreading disease.

To fight the recurring phenomenon of dogs being abused and abandoned, we have gathered some of the most touching stories and pictures out there to demonstrate just how beautiful these pooches are. Non-profit organizations like PETA, RSPCA, and many, many others are constantly on the move, ready to rescue yet another helpless soul and nurture them back to health. They receive tips from people who pass by and find animals in need and immediately rush over. Basically, these selfless individuals dedicate their lives to helping our furry friends, and for that, we thank them immensely.

The following stories and photos might be a bit hard to bear, but if you read through, you will find that they might just give you that reassuring feeling that human kindness is far from dead, and just maybe love can heal all wounds.