Son Of ‘Most Youthful Mother’ Speaks About Impact Of His Mother’s Looks On His Life


Not too long ago, the world’s “most youthful looking mother” made waves on the internet and her stunning photos went completely viral. If you have not yet heard about Liu Yelin, here is a brief summary of why her photos have gone completely viral.

49 year old Liu Yelin, who hails form China, has caught everyone’s eye with her unbelievable looks, not only because she is very beautiful, but also because she appears to look as if she is in her early 20’s, rather than nearing her 50’s! Her wrinkle-free face is mostly the reason she looks so young, but she also keeps in fantastic shape with regular exercise. She credits her svelte figure to working out every single day .

So just how does this impact her son’s life? 22 year old Xie Yixuan has opened up about the reality of having a youthful and extremely fit mother, and it has not always been a positive thing in his life. Yixuan is a timid and shy young man who shared that many times, his mother has been mistaken for his girlfriend! Could you imagine thinking somebody accidentally thinking you are romantically involved with your parent? That would be enough trauma for a lifetime.

Yixuan has also shared an unfortunate story about a time when his girlfriend thought he was cheating on her when even she mistook his mother for a young girl he was seeing. He explained: “It’s hard to describe how I felt at the time, perhaps a bit embarrassed and speechless. I tried to explain to her that she was my mother, but she wouldn’t listen. Eventually, I had to yell at her: ‘She’s my mother.'”

Despite all the confusion, Yixuan still only has kind things to say about his mother. “My mum has always been beautiful. When she was young, she was considered the prettiest girl at her school. I’d say as time goes by, she’s even prettier now.”

Luckily, his mother has said that even though there has been drama in the past because of her looks, her son never has any trouble finding girlfriends. She also says that: “I share my stories because I want to encourage more women to keep up exercising for a more beautiful and confident self.”