5 Ways To Be A Happier Stay At Home Mom


Whether you’re already a stay at home mom or thinking about becoming one, this article is for you! These simple yet effective tips will help keep you focused, positive, and productive to avoid feeling fed up or bored with being a full-time mom, and housewife.

Be Clear About Your Priorities

Without a sense of purpose or setting priories it’s easy to get distracted and achieve very little. Once you’re sure about what you desire for you and your family you can put your energy into organizing fun activities that revolve around you and your child’s day. Decide what you want to accomplish and work towards it For example If your purpose is to be home for your family, provide them with nutritional meals and a clean home, then make this your aim. There will be days when you will happily do it and days when you are fed up with your routine, and in this case, the following suggestion should help.


Practice Gratitude

So now that you decided to be a stay at home mom practice visualizing the benefits that this will bring to you and your family. Maybe for you, some of the advantages would be raising your child without paying a stranger, or finally managing to do all the housework that you didn’t have time to do while you were working a full-time job. Whatever it is for you, put yourself in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful mindset and attracts more of what you want. Try to make a list of all the things you’re thankful for so when doubt kicks in on a hectic day you can take a look at the list and immediately bring things back into perspective.

Have Goals

Set goals for yourself as a stay at home mom, as a housewife and personally as a woman. Set weekly, monthly and even yearly goals to keep you on track. This will give you a sense of accomplishment as you tick those boxes away. Keep in mind that there are days that you may not be able to tick off as many boxes that you may have intended to, and that’s okay as well. We’re all human after all.

Don’t Compare Yourself

This rule is especially true to comparing ourselves with celebrity mommies all over social media. Nobody will put themselves on social media with greasy hair, unshaven legs, and yoga pants because they don’t want you to see them this way. Everybody has their journey, and you shouldn’t compare your circumstances with theirs because it will never match. Instead find sources of inspiration from like-minded people who share your same goals, and ideals as a parent, and woman.


Be On The Same Page With Your Partner

Communicating what is or is not working with your partner is key in maintaining a healthy relationship. For example, if the whole day your home with your child you have taught them to wash their hands before eating and then your husband comes home and doesn’t enforce that rule it may annoy you and cause a disagreement. To avoid confrontation and not to confuse your children, make sure you and your partner on the same page regarding rules and daily rituals. Do not expect your other half to just guess your needs “he knows that I am tired I’ve been running around all day, he doesn’t care” type of thoughts, will only result in conflict, instead express your expectations openly.