Struggling Mom Wins $188 Million Lottery – Then The Unthinkable Happened


Struggling Mom Wins $188 Million Lottery – Then The Unthinkable Happened



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Winning the lottery is a dream come true for a lot of people who consider cash flow to be their number one problem. After all, how many times have you stared blankly at your bank statements and wondered what would have happened if you were given a few millions to settle that seemingly never-ending debt?

Single mother Marie Holmes was one of those people – she knew the odds were against her that eventful day she paid for the ticket, but figured simply that the relatively small investment was worth the risk of winning big. Although she was afraid of coming out empty handed on both ends, she had to give it a go and believe someone out there is looking out for her.

You can imagine the shock on her face as she found out the numbers carefully selected on her ticket were the winning ones. Marie stood there in disbelief that for the first time in her life, she was granted the opportunity to end her debt and take care of her four children, who she has been raising on her own in a beat up trailer.

Only then, all hell broke loose. Marie was betrayed by many people in her life, including her closest family relatives, the father of her child and the beloved community’s pastor. She was taken advantage of on several accounts and had to repeatedly come to her senses when trying to weigh down who truly needs her financial help and who was simply seeking to get their cut.

Struggling to cope with the drama that was quick to follow her win and recover from her fall from grace, Marie decided it was time to put things to an end and get her life in shape again. Having known what she does now and after winning $188 million, would she have still bought that ticket?