Surprise First-Time Moms with These Special Gifts


From sleep deprivation to feeding her newborn every 2 to 3 hours, we can say that new moms have a lot on their plates.  Sure, they keep their time and attention to their babies, but that doesn’t mean that their needs and wants should be ignored.  On Mother’s Day, treat the first-time mommas in your life with these amazing ideas that they will surely appreciate.

She deserves a day of pampering.
Every new mom is busy with her new baby tasks leaving her little time to take care of herself.  Why not swap with her a deal that she will surely enjoy? Volunteer your time and tender loving care to babysit her bundle of joy as she enjoys your gift certificate that awaits her much-needed salon time.  Nothing beats a soothing massage, rejuvenating mani/pedi session and a beautifying new haircut for a momma who’s always tired catching up with her parenting skills.

Gift her ample sleep time.
If there’s one thing that first-time moms crave, it’s the gift of uninterrupted sleep.  You wouldn’t hear them complain about sleepless nights spent with their babies, but honestly, they badly needed a great sleep.  How about encouraging your wife to sleep in your spotless bedroom alone and uninterrupted even just for a night? Just promise her that everything is in control and you have your mother to assist you in taking care of the baby.  Sounds great!

Treat her to a family photo shoot.
For mommies who wish to spend Mother’s day with their families especially with their newborns,  a fun family photo shoot makes a thoughtful gift. Book a professional photographer and ask him/her to get candid and posed snaps of your wife, your baby, and you either in the comfort of your home or outdoors like in a local recreation park.  An album or portraits of your mini family are priceless, and she’ll often look at them as a reminder how blessed she is to have you two by her side.

Jewelry with sentimental value.
A piece of jewelry either a customized bracelet or necklace with her and baby’s names makes a lovely, timeless gift.  The fact that it is personalized, shows that you made an effort to honor her and her child. It needs not to be very expensive as sterling silver jewelry will do.

Surprise her with her favorite hearty meal in bed.
Your aunt who just gave birth a few weeks ago will appreciate your time spent with her and the baby even just for a day. Make your stay with them even more meaningful by cooking her favorite meal and delivering it to her bed. A tray loaded with plates of pancakes with strawberries, bacon and egg omelet will surely melt her heart.

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