She Agreed To Carry Her Best Friend’s Baby, But She Never Expected This To Happen


She Agreed To Carry Her Best Friend's Baby, But She Never Expected This To Happen



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While there are a lot of things that best friends would do for one another, we sometimes see scenarios when a best friend exceeds all expectations and goes above and beyond to carry out a completely selfless act. This is exactly what happened when Nicole Barattini revealed her struggle in conceiving a baby with her husband to her best friend Lianna Fives. Fives was already a mother to five children with husband Shaun and listening to her best friends struggle was heartbreaking, especially because she had felt the indescribable feeling of being a mother. Barattini and her husband Kevin dreamt of having a family ever since they met and after getting married in 2010, they never expected it to be as hard as it was.

Following countless visits to fertility specialists, the couple began to wonder if having a family was in the cards for them. Devastated and in total despair, the Barattini’s began sharing their story with friends, the first of which was the Fives. Lianna Fives couldn’t resist offering to help her best friend who was in so much need. She wanted to have their families bond as they grew up and Lianna knew that Nicole was destined to be a mother. From this, Lianna offered an act of kindness so great, it was completely overwhelming.

Fives turned to her friends and offered her services of being their surrogate. The Barattini’s were absolutely blindsided by the incredibly charitable offer and they knew that this was their one opportunity to have a baby. When the surrogacy process began, it looked to be a tough road ahead. Would Lianna’s body accept the embryo’s or would it be even more devastation for the already broken Nicole and Kevin. They knew it would take time and they tried to be patient but things were not looking positive. As they prayed for a miracle, the future was uncertain but they all wanted one thing.