This Taiwanese Family All Look Half Their Age

When you hear about someone in their middle-age, it is always the move to tell them they look half their age, even if they don’t. However, this family of Taiwanese women look like they are in their teens when they are actually aged 36 and above.

Lure Hsu has shocked millions of people, posting pictures of her and her family who all look half their age. Lure is 42 while her sisters are aged 40 and 36 but the most surprising is their mother, a 63-year-old woman who could easily be mistaken for mid twenties.

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It is no surprise that the sisters are all models or bloggers with successful careers due to their youthful looks and they have been named as the “family of frozen ages” by the Taiwanese media. One of the sisters, Fayfay commented that all the sisters inherited their mothers’ age-defying looks saying that “When our mother was young, she was incredible youthful looking. Now she still looks great.” She gave further insight being the only one of the sisters who has two children, telling how she regularly takes them in public and people believe she is their sister, not their mother.

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Despite the sisters being very active on social media and their mother will often oblige in posing for pictures, their father is not quite the same. The girls did state that while their 74-year-old dad is also rather youthful looking, he is an introvert and tends to shy away from the spotlight, all while letting his wife and daughters bask in it.

As far as how they do it? They revealed that their secrets are relatively simple, noting that drinking plenty of water does the body good while one of the other sisters noted that having children keeps her in a routine so she only eats at specific hours and goes to bed at the same time every night. Furthermore, they try stick to a vegetarian diet, staying away from sugar and sauces and also note moisturizer as a key component to keep the skin looking fresh and youthful. Giving advice to others, they say to stay away from the sun and the UV rays.

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Their easy on the eye looks have attracted them global attention, having an Instagram boating over 230,000 followers. Looking good girls!