13-Year-Old Builds Tiny House For Only $1,500 – Wait Till You See It!


13-Year-Old Builds Tiny House For Only $1,500 - Wait Till You See It!



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Under dire economic circumstances following the market crash in 2008, many people began looking for a cheaper alternative to owning and maintaining a massive house. What came out of the housing bubble burst was a social movement of spectacular downsizing. Enter the tiny house. Tiny houses are generally houses between 100 and 400 square feet in size. In comparison, the average American home is about 2,600 square feet.

While economic factors helped give the movement some legs, finances are not the only motivation for tiny houses. Some people choose to live in tiny houses for environmental reasons. Others do so for the chance to escape from the power of excess that runs America. Downsizing allows them to trim their lives into manageable, simple, and enjoyable moments. In many cases, tiny houses are also quite mobile. They can be taken on camping trips or from place to place. No longer are you locked down in one location. Due to their size and cost, tiny house inhabitants usually own their homes. 78% of tiny house people own their home in comparison to only 65% of traditional homeowners.

Tiny houses can be a tremendous alternative following natural disaster too. After Hurricane Katrina, one woman started a company called Katrina Cottages, which gave hurricane victims an alternative to FEMA trailers. They became so popular that Marianne Cusato, the owner, was contracted to design tiny houses for others.

For those in the do-it-yourself spirit, a tiny house can be a great project. It might be challenging, but gives you a tangible result which you can be proud of with maximum utility. In Iowa, one teenage boy decided to let his DIY spirit defeat his summer boredom. While his friends messed around over the summer, he sat at home and worked on the project of a lifetime.