The Moment A Father Finds Out He Is Going To Become A Father Is Captured Beautifully


When 28-year-old Chelsie Morales found out she was pregnant, she desperately wanted to surprise her husband in a special way to let him know he was to become a father.

Her husband, Will, had no idea what Chelsie had planned for him or that she was going she had some very big news for the couple.

Chelsie had asked for help from her former high-school classmate, Kara Fishbaugh, of Kara Quinn Photography, to help orchestrate the plan and document the surprise by taking pictures.

Chelsie expressed, “Originally, I was really torn about having someone help me with this surprise, purely due to the fact that I wanted Will to be the absolute first person to know. However, I’ve tried taping surprises in the past, and something always seems to go wrong. I knew that if I wanted to capture this the right way, I needed to let someone else in on the secret.”


Expressing that “surprises are kinda my thing”, Chelsie wanted this time round to be captured perfectly, and tried her hardest to keep the secret for four days from her husband until the time of the photoshoot.

On the day, Kara told the couple they were going to play some games.

“First, I asked then to stand chest to chest and for Will to kiss Chelsie on the face as fast as he could, ten times. Then I said, ‘okay next I have kind of a nerdy game, but it always gets great reactions out of people.’ I grabbed two chalkboards and asked them to stand back to back.

They were then instructed to write three words they admire most about each other. Will said, ‘oh I love this!’ He quickly wrote down his words and we were ready for the reveal. You can see through the images how the rest played out. The game couldn’t have went any better!”


With the surprise being revealed completely out of the blue, Chelsie didn’t know what to expect from her husband’s reaction, but of course he was thrilled.

After Kara’s success in capturing the moment perfectly, Chelsie was also thrilled with the outcome.

“I love that you can see every reaction captured in the pictures. From reading the sign and seeing his brain register what he was reading, to pure joy, to ‘Are you serious?!’ As soon as he reacted, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, mine included. I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face for the rest of the shoot. I just kept imagining showing our child someday and showing him or her how truly ecstatic his or her parents were to start this journey.”