This Family Is Sailing The World For Some Quality Time


Most families take a short vacation when they need a break from life at home. The Nance family is nothing like most families.

In 2015, they decided to make a change and take their family on a journey around the world, sailing from place to place.


Phil and Aimee Nance were tired of long commutes and paying nannies to help raise their daughters, Jessica and Emma.

They decided the best way to break their mundane routine was to hop on a boat and sail the world.

Since 2015, they have lived on the SV Terrapin, a 45 foot 1978 Dufour ketch sailboat. Aimee told the Huffington Post, “We felt that we were missing out on watching our children grown up.”

The San Diego family said goodbye to their Southern California home in 2014 and prepared for the seas for seven months before getting all hands on deck.

In their first two years aboard the SV Terrapin, they explored the Pacific coast of Mexico.

After taking in the breathtaking beaches, the Nances decided to make the 24 day trip across the Pacific Ocean where they have canvassed French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, and American Samoa.

They make sure to get a swim or snorkel break when they can, meeting other sailors along the way.


The Nances stay in each location depending on a couple of things.

“How long our visas permit us to stay, and the weather windows between destinations dictate how long we can stay and enjoy a particular country. We definitely enjoy being at anchor in beautiful places more than we enjoy long ocean passages. We have been in Tonga now for about three weeks,” Aimee said.

Just because they are on a boat does not mean that Emma and Jessica have a free pass on education. Aimee, a high school teacher, and Phil, a scientist, make sure their daughters get a full education.

They use online textbooks and materials to provide a full and appropriate curriculum. Sometimes, their travel locations become learning and teaching experiences.

Aimee claims that her daughters acted as their tour guides when visiting pyramids in Mexico.