These Wild Wedding Photos Were Snapped At The Exact Right Moment


These Wild Wedding Photos Were Snapped At The Exact Right Moment



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Ring those wedding bells loud and clear, because here they come – the most embarrassing special day moments of the year! From awkward family photos to cakes that will make you gasp, we’ve got them all. When you spend so much time and effort preparing for that one event you have been waiting for your entire life, even the most minor mistakes are blown out of proportion and perceived as unfixable tragedies. Your special day should be about you and the person you decide to walk down the aisle with, not about the amount you spend on your dress or the length of the party. It does not matter if the event is catered by the best chef or if there is an open bar – all that matters is that by the end of the night, you will be going home with someone you can wholeheartedly call your spouse.

In a cruel twist of fate, it just so happens that the more effort you put into something, the more likely things are to go wrong. And since weddings are usually saturated with photographers who are finger on the trigger ready to capture every single shot, we have been granted a short sneak peek into the these people’s biggest day of their lives. The hilarious and unexpected moments were eternalized by the camera crew whether the happy (or at the time, not so happy) couple liked it or not, marking the memories they often wished they could forget. If anything, we think these moments were setting them up for a healthy marriage, teaching the newlyweds that despite your best efforts, not everything can be planned in advance, and it is the small hurdles along the way that make life a whole lot more interesting.

Here are the most entertaining wedding slips out there, for better or worse.