Women Have Fewer Children If They Live With Their Mother

According to recent studies, women actually have fewer children when they share a home with their own mother or mother-in-law. The findings suggested that women who live just with their partner are more likely to have more children than if they are to also live with other family members.

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Before this point, the general assumption was living with one’s mother or mother-in-law would actually encourage one to have more kids. After taking statistics from over 2.5 million women from a vast range of backgrounds, Austrian scientists made these new discoveries.

The new study from the Royal Society Open Science journal, is where this theory was published. “Our data thus point to lower fertility in case of the presence of any mother in the household,” researchers claimed. “This is interesting, as one would expect that both mothers should have “some biological interest” in a higher number of grandchildren.”

Researchers speculate that reproductive competition has part to play in why women have less children when living with matriarchal figures. Also, it was discovered that grandmothers are on average, much younger if they lived with their daughter or stepdaughter.

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Experts from the University of Vienna took information from millions of married women between 15 and 34 years of age from countries in every continent. The common denominators were that every woman lived with their partner. However, cultural differences determined which women also lived with parents and in-laws.

In Iraq, 53 per cent of women live with their husband’s mother, while in America, it’s only 1.47 per cent. On the flip side, in Thailand, 17 per cent of women live with both their partner and their own mother, compared to the 0.79 per cent of women in Malawi. Other factors such as education, location and wealth also had a huge part to play in the results.