4 Best Apps to Pacify Paranoid Parents


Any parent would agree that paranoia is normal and natural once you have kids.  This is especially true for moms who are anxious (and sometimes panicky) if they cannot track their child’s activities and location.  For the sake of their sanity, these apps will surely pacify paranoid parents.

Find My Kids — Footprints

With real-time GPS, the Find My Kids–Footprints app can give you peace of mind as it tracks and locates your child’s location automatically.  This way, you’ll know where your child is. Plus, it can verify once your kid has arrived at his or her destination.

Another advantage of this app is that the location details can only be viewed by those who have permission/access to see it.  Though this app is free to download, you need to subscribe and pay for its tracking service every month.


FBI Child ID

The Federal Bureau of Investigation understands that the safety and security of children are crucial. Thus the reason for the development of the FBI Child ID app – it allows parents to store their children’s pictures and other relevant information such as age, height, weight and eye color. This free app includes special features which include safety tips and shortcuts when dialling 911.


Food Additives 2

This app is designed to let you search a multitude of food additives that are unhealthy.  As such, you are therefore able to prevent your children from having food allergy – an advantage especially to those who are sensitive to certain food items or ingredients.  Food Additives 2 has a free version loaded with relevant data on 50 bad additives. Meanwhile, the full app version (3.99) includes over 400 nasty additives.  More so, the listed additives can be categorized by name, symptoms and risk level. The app allows users to access the data even if one is offline.


Baby Monitor HD

You can rely on the Baby Monitor HD app to monitor your baby’s activities while in the crib thanks to its password-protected audio and infrared night mode.  This high tech app only works on specific cameras such as Y-Cam and WiFi Baby thus, do ensure that – prior to purchasing the app – the camera which you’ll be using will be compatible.

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