5 Baby Shower Gifts That Will Make a Mom’s Life Easy


A baby shower is an exciting event pregnant moms are looking forward to.  With a variety of gifts for the new baby, mommas are thrilled to unwrap each present that awaits her little bundle of joy.  Add joy to new parents by giving them these clever gifts that will surely make their life easy and stress-free.

1 Sleepea Swaddles

Sleepsacks are classic gifts. Plus, their value never fades.  In fact, they just get better over time. Give this Sleepea Swaddles as a present to your friend who’s expecting her first baby.  Made of 100% organic cotton, your little one is guaranteed of maximum breathability. Plus, its smart design allows your baby to experience the perfect 5-second swaddle.

2 Puncia 12V Smart Milk Bottle Warmer for the Car

Make long travels with your baby a convenient one with the Puncia 12V Smart Milk Bottle Warmer.  It functions perfectly as it is advertised. You don’t have to worry about warming your baby’s milk bottle when you’re in your car in the middle of the road.

3 Baby Brezza Baby Food Processor

Your excitement is sure to swirl once your baby has reached the period where he or she can already eat solid foods.  You can rely on Baby Brezza Baby Food Processor to make healthy foods for your baby. It amazingly cooks and blends up to 3 cups of food in just 10 minutes.  

4 Little Nomad Roam-Free Play Mats

These durable and non-toxic playmats will surely make any child’s playtime a relaxing one.  Its crisp and cool blue color easily blends with any hue. The play mats are also practical to use since the foam mats are easy to clean.

5 Rags to Raches One-Piece Baby Rompers

Onesies for little tots need not be complicated. These Rags to Raches One-Piece Baby Rompers is fun and comfy to wear. Parents will love how easy it is to make their babies wear it thanks to it being button-free and zipper-free.