A Trip to the Beach Is Food for the Brain, Science Reveals


It’s high time to pack your summer bag essentials and go to the beach.  A trip to the beach is an opportunity to enjoy the sun and sea, bond with friends and family, as well as strengthen the brain – so says science.  If you are a beach bum, expect the following benefits brought by a fun trip by the sea.

  1. It lowers depression and stress levels.

The sound and movement of waves alone can put us in a meditative, relaxed state.  It clears our mind of anxiety, thus minimizing the onset of depression.

  1. It engages you to be more creative.

The ocean’s blue hue can help the brain shift to a more relaxed mode of thinking. It calms anxious thoughts and compels one to slow his or her pace. The end result is a mind free from worry and unnecessary thinking. Plus, studies show that the human brain tends to be more creative and imaginative near the sea.

  1. It produces the emotion of awe.

According to psychology, awe is crucial to our happiness as it allows us to live in the present moment. It also makes us more appreciative of life’s beauty.  This is especially true whenever we hit the beach. We get to connect to nature and are humbled by the ocean’s charm and tranquility. Pain and worry get healed naturally.

  1. It promotes a positive environment.

Beach trips comfort us amid the chaos of life’s realities and challenges.  The very presence of nature is soothing and refreshing. When we watch the clear sky meet the blue waters, the feeling of unease dissipates. We feel more secure and easily happy.

  1. It increases the benefits of exercise.

It’s a given fact that regular exercise boosts our mental and physical health. But did you know that such benefits can be raised tenfold when you simply walk or run by the sea?  Being surrounded by the ocean further stimulates the benefits of exercise. Try swimming in a lake and you’ll be amazed at how relaxed and peaceful you will feel afterward.