An Easy, Elegant Trick To Get Your Baby To Take Medicine


It can be really tough to get babies to take medicine: they are fussy about the weird taste, and you cannot simply sit them down and tell them they need the life-saving substance to keep them healthy.

Many mothers are left with headaches in this situation. Lucky for them, this one ingenious, elegant idea that an innovative mother popularized by sharing it on Facebook, is making it much easier for babies to stomach their medicine.


Helena Lee’s baby was having issues getting her baby, Alfie, to take Calpol, a pink, liquid medicine that helps bring down fever and relieve pain.

In her attempts over 24 hours to feed him the remedy, he always spit it up, resulting in more of it ending up on him and her than down his throat.

She remembered seeing this trick somewhere and decided to try it, and it ended up solving the problem.

She took two parts: a syringe (without a needle), and a bottle top. She put the bottle top in young Alfie’s mouth, and instead of a bottle, pushed the syringe to the back side of it.

This way, she was able to carefully push every drop through the bottle top, without losing any through spillage. From Alfie’s point of view, everything was the same as drinking from a bottle.

alfies methods

Helena took photos of the simple method and posted them on Facebook along with a message saying, “not one bit [of medicine] got wasted – and no tears.

Please feel free to share with any baby mummies you know.” People did, in fact, share the post- 120,000 times!

The comments were thankful; one mother posted, “A simple but handy tip, thank you.” Others were doubtful that it would work for their kids, as the taste is still different from milk.


Either way, it is worth a try. There is no reason to turn away from anything that might make parenting easier.