Innovative Device Uses Breast Milk To Save Babies’ Lives


Having a child is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person. Yet, the very first month of life is a challenging and crucial period for a newborn. Sadly, 2.9 million newborns a year don’t make past the first month. Naturally, the riskiest part being the first few hours and days after birth. It is during this time period that parents and doctors all over the world have to safely administer essential medicines, and this is difficult especially for countries that don’t have the best healthcare infrastructures. JustMilk is a new company with an innovative product that is trying to change the way we deal with this issue in particular.


They have created a disposable silicon device. The device is ultra-thin, and is meant to be used during the breastfeeding stage. It is designed to disperse medicine and nutrients to infants through the breast milk. Although the product is still in testing, the company hopes that their device will be used worldwide to fight health crises and malnutrition.

device 2

The device was originally created in response to a design challenge that forced the team to come up with a way to prevent HIV transmission during breastfeeding. With their creation, they realized it could be an effective delivery method for medicines as well. Geoff Galgon, President of JustMilk, explains that mothers will use this, “during breastfeeding to release therapeutics such as antimalarials, antiretrovirals, antibiotics and micronutrients.

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This incredibly innovative device has the potential to change the way infant health care is offered around the world. This is the first product to merge breastfeeding with delivery of these essential therapeutics and medicines, and it has significant potential to save many thousands of lives. The team is now researching how their product will be culturally accepted, because, as mentioned earlier, this is a global issue and a global solution.