First Time Parents Need To Get These Gadgets


Having a baby for the first time is a joyful, wonderful thing, but it also leads to sleepless nights and then drowsy days. New parents, especially first-time parents, will need all the help they can get. These gadgets will take a load off of the parents who will have their hands full with diapers, bottles, and baby wipes.

A Bottle Sterilizer

Instead of spending time and energy constantly washing baby bottles, a sterilizer uses a microwave to heat up steam to automatically kill all germs from the bottles. It’s faster, and because it’s hotter than warm water, more effective in cleaning.


A Clip-On Fan

A clip-on fan can be put on a stroller, especially if you live in a location with a balmy climate. Having your baby overheat can be extremely dangerous, and this is a great way to keep your bundle of joy nice and breezy.


A Smart Thermometer

Inevitably, babies get sick, as they are young and developing their immune systems. You will have to monitor their temperature over and over. However, a smart-thermometer allows you to check you child’s temperature with your phone, continuously, using a Bluetooth monitor. This will save tired parents a huge headache and gives richer data to the doctor to analyze.


A Baby Monitor

Because of how quickly technology is advancing, baby monitors are now extremely comprehensive- and at a good price. Some models allow for four cameras, and stream video directly to a monitor. You can also use a monitor in an audio-only mode, to save battery life.


A White Noise Machine

To go to sleep, babies sometimes need to be soothed. Beyond a classic lullaby, something that helps some kids sleep through the night is a white noise machine. The best part? If the baby sleeps through the night, the parents also get to sleep through the night.