Mom Saves Baby’s Life Using Smartphone App


Emily Eekhoff was 33-weeks-pregnant when she said she noticed her baby’s movements had changed. Being an apprehensive mother, Eekhoff downloaded the app ‘Count The Kicks’ which helps mom’s track their babies movement patterns in the third trimester of pregnancy. Eekhoff of Iowa knew something wasn’t right and felt an immediate instinct to do something. Her spring to action ended up saving the life of her unborn daughter.

baby app- emily

Eekhoff stated “I was aware just of how much she usually moved during the day with the app’s help, the kicks were not happening as frequently as they usually did and when she did move, it was really, like, soft, subtle, not, like, hard kicks like normal.” Emily headed straight for the Mercy Medical Center to have a check up and hope that everything was ok. However, upon undertaking numerous tests, the heart test and ultrasound revealed that the baby was in severe destress and an emergency C-section had to be done in order to save the baby’s life.

Medical director of the Perinatal Center of Iowa stated that “We knew the baby was in trouble and we alerted the obstetric emergency doctor and advised him to get the baby delivered, they found an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck three times. It’s very possible that this baby was not going to make it much longer.” Following this, baby Ruby was born at 33 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for 10 days after the emergency delivery.

baby app- newborn

Had it not been for Emily carefully observing her baby and using the app to track progress, it would have been too late. She said “The app helped me to know her patterns of movement so when the pattern changed, I knew something was wrong, which did save her life.” She further encouraged mothers to take the same steps she did, explaining that “They need to just be aware of their body and their baby and notice and so that when things change that they can go and get help sooner rather than later.”

baby app- ruby

After hearing of the incredible story, executive director of ‘Count The Kicks’, Emily Price forwarded Eekhoff’s statement that mothers need to be alert, saying”If the amount of time it takes to get to 10 changes significantly, they should contact their provider right away because a change in how long it takes to get to 10 could be an indication that something is wrong.” She also added “We are so grateful that Count the Kicks empowered Emily and helped save Ruby.

When moms have the Count the Kicks app in their hands they have a lifesaving tool.” In response, the new mother to baby Ruby stressed “I’m thankful for them for doing something out of their loss and saving my own because I don’t know if I would’ve caught it had I not been using the app, they are so thankful and grateful and likewise, so I think we do have a bond just because they have made a huge impact on my own family.”