The New Ava Smartwatch Is Hoping To Replace At-Home Pregnancy Tests

With smart technology paving the way over recent years, it is no surprise that researchers are currently in the process of going that extra step further in developing a smartwatch that can act replace the traditional pregnancy test.

The smartwatch is intended to replace at-home pregnancy tests due to its accuracy and convenience. Researchers claimed that they plan on testing out the smartwatch by the end of 2017 after they presented their findings at the Congress for American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Texas.


This idea follows from the project led by the same innovative team and their creation of the Ava Fertility Tracker, which is listed at $249.

This fertility tracker helps users track their ovulation cycles by monitoring a range of factors including resting pulse rate, sleep patterns, skin temperature, and more. The findings of the tracker have been expressed on the website, which states: “Ava has been shown to detect an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle at 89% accuracy.”


The fertility tracker is a tool which can help women who are trying to conceive, whereas the new smartwatch is intended to hopefully be able to detect if a woman is pregnant about a week after conception.

The way researchers are hoping for this to happen is by the watch noting certain hormonal and physiological changes that occur at a time when a woman is pregnant. The watch will also allow women to be notified of the optimal time they should try and conceive, just like the fertility tracker.


While this smartwatch may be a more convenient at-home pregnancy test, it is going to have a far larger price tag than that of the store bought tests. For $261, the smartwatch will be on offer to women as a new way of letting them know if they are pregnant.

The watch is also seen as being more useful for women who have had previous struggles in trying to conceive and faced challenges in the hope of getting pregnant. With the data the tracker provides, and it’s advanced technology, it intends on helping these struggles.