Tips for Tech-Distracted Parents


In this digital age, it seems that every family is easily hooked onto their electronic devices. The end result is less quality time among family members.  If you are a tech-distracted parent, these strategies will limit your screen time and allow you to put in more time to interact with your family.


Get rid of phones during family activities

Make family time a tech-free time.  Do this by turning off your phone (and your children’s phones too) while having dinner with your family or while on a family outing.  Resist the temptation of checking your phone every now and then. Make your kids the focus of your attention, or at least be present with them. Doing so will help your kids feel less uneasy. They will also feel more prioritized. 


Turn off notifications

The sound of notifications on your phones have the tendency to elicit your unbridled attention. Stay away from the temptation of having to regularly check a new message or email in your inbox.  If necessary, turn off your notifications and set a certain time of day to check your social media and business accounts.


Set tech hours right

There’s a right time for everything, so says the Bible. In the same way, there’s a right time for using your phone or tablet.  This goes true especially for stay-at-home moms who are easily distracted with online scrolling amid the chaos of their kids noisily playing.  Note that children are best imitators, so walk the talk by keeping your focus on them and the household chores. Set time to indulge your online predilections for as little as one hour a day or when the children are already asleep.


Put your phone in airplane mode

Putting your phone in airplane mode not only reduces the dangers of electromagnetic fields, it also disciplines you from making or receiving unwanted calls and distracting notifications.


Switch your phone to grayscale

Take it from Tristan Harris, former Google designer, who recommends turning phones to grayscale in order to lessen phone usage.  Note that phone and app developers intentionally designed our devices with bright and bold colors to get our attention. By switching to a black and white screen, your excitement to use your phone every now and then will be lessened.