Black Hole May Have Solved Ancient Mystery Of The First Americans


Black Hole May Have Solved Ancient Mystery Of The First Americans



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One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the history of the Americas is working out who the first settlers were in this part of the world. Many theories have been developed over the years. But now, a team of cartologists believe that they have unlocked the truth, once and for all. Alberto Nava and his team of divers went on a daring expedition into the depths of one of the most notorious cenotes on the planet, known as El Hoyo Negro, which translates into “The Black Hole of Death.” This particular cenote got its name after claiming the lives of many who stumbled across it, whether it was because they were in search of ancient artifacts, or maybe they were just looking for fresh water.

So what exactly is a cenote? Well, the answer is fairly simple. They are natural pits that have been formed after a buildup of limestone and water. One of the most prevalent places for cenotes is the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. It was here where the Mayan people considered them as sacred sites and would use them to perform sacrifices. Normally, they would through precious materials down the holes. However, it has been speculated that the Mayans would often perform human sacrifices, stabbing the individual and throwing them into the cenote as an offering to their rain god.

So Nava and his team embarked on their dangerous mission hoping to find something to make the dive worthwhile. On their first attempt, they found numerous bones that they soon discovered to be from several rare and unknown prehistoric creatures. However, it was during their second mission that the team stumbled across something that completely changed the game. Their incredible discovery added a new layer of meaning to one of the biggest mysteries in American history. So join us as we run through every detail about Nava’s death-defying mission and unravel the truth that they have recently discovered in the Black Hole of Death.