Children’s Reaction To Meeting New Sister Becomes Viral Sensation


When parents Kasi and Shane Pruitt introduced their 6-year-old Harper to her new sister who they had just adopted, all she could say was, “Are you kidding me?!”

Her older sister Raygen, couldn’t find the words to express her join and simply cried tears of happiness. Father Shane, 38, couldn’t contain his excitement of having a new addition to the family and took to social media to share his joy with the world.

The tweet got so many hits that Hoda Kotb of TODAY used it in her Morning Boost. Describing Raygen and Harper’s reactions as “fitting for their personalities,” Shane knew that her girls would react that way.

The director of missions for the Southern Baptists of Texas knew that Raygen would be more emotional with her actions and Harper would express herself more with her words.

sister 1

The night before Shane posted the viral video, it was just like any other day. Even though they had been on the waiting list for adopting, the Pruitts were determined to bring a new child into the family.

But after a window of opportunity opened, they met with two parents who had put up their baby for adoption. It wouldn’t take long before the couple brought the baby home with them.

What made the whole process so unique though was that the kids didn’t know that an arrival was so imminent. Everything happened so fast. But they were anticipating a new addition, nevertheless. “We knew they’d be excited because they’d been asking about it every day,” Shane said.

He was delighted to see his youngest Elliot, who was also adopted, so excited to take care of his new sister. The baby is the third child that the Pruitts have adopted now.

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And despite knowing that they could have biological children, the Pruitts like mixing it up. Shane said that “it might not be for everyone, but it’s perfect for us.”