Colorblind Father Sobs When He Sees His Daughter’s Hazel Eyes

When Travis Bridley opened up his Father’s Day gift, he never expected to receive a present that would change his life and move him to tears. Brindley is from New Hudson, Michigan and was born unable to see the colors red and green. For a long time, no one knew that Bridley was colorblind because he compensated so well. It was not until he was a teenager that his parents realized something was wrong.


For Father’s Day, Travis’s wife Annaliese gave him a pair of EnChroma glasses, that perfect colorblindness. When he put them on, her could see for the first time that the trees, grass, and his shirt were all green. He also noticed the colors of his favorite college sports team for the very first time.

Then, Travis looked at his daughter Kyler and he was totally overcome with emotion. He saw her hazel-green eyes and could not stop himself from breaking down in tears. His wife, Annaliese captured the heartwarming moment and posted the video to Facebook with the caption, “Travis got the gift of being able to see color this Father’s Day!”

She continued, “It is the first time he has ever seen the true beauty of the world around him. Now, he is awed by the brightness of simple things like traffic lights and this manly man even stops to stare at flowers. The best gift of all has been seeing his daughter’s beautiful green-hazel eyes in their true colors.”

Annaliese could not wait to give her husband the life-changing gift on EnChroma sunglasses, that allow colorblind people the ability to see colors separately. When Travis opened the gift, at first, he assumed that the glasses were regular sunglasses. Then, when he put them on, he laughed realizing what the glasses truly were. Watch the emotional video below, but first maybe grab a tissue!